MYP IB Curriculum
Grade: 6
Time: 10 sessions

Inspired by artwork “Whose Values?” by contemporary artist Barbara Kruger, students discussed what a healthy community meant in order to understand how to deal with bullying situations and potentially neutralize them. They designed cardboard signs (layout and message) that later were used to perform a march around the school during recess time. By doing this, students had the opportunity to discuss with other peers about the importance of good attitudes to build a positive environment at school. They also visited different grades to share their message. The activities in this lesson were collaborative brainstorming, discussion about artworks in connection to the main theme, art, and design principles, as well as a typography workshop.  The IB lines of Inquiry incorporated into this lesson plan were:

– Perspective: How do positive/negative attitudes in the school context change us?
– Form: What is a positive/negative attitude towards other classmates?
– Change: How have you experienced negative/positive attitudes in the school context?

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MYP IB Baccalaureate
Theme: Art as Message
Grade: 7
Time: 12 sessions

During this unit, students addressed one of the most important United Nations sustainable development goals: Climate Change. They analyzed the impact of climate change in their homeland, their role as consumers and used art in order to develop a visual response answering the questions of “How are you connected to Nature?” as well as “How does Climate Change affect you?”. They learned how to use Photoshop and created digital collage and double exposure compositions. Other students decided to work with illustration and paper collage. Students also sent a postcard to the United Nations using their statements to reach a wider audience.


Students analyze and compare how artists used and were inspired by nature to create their artworks.



Brainstorming technique used to connect the theme with their cultural backgrounds.


Students watched and discussed Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” music video to get some visual inspiration.




Students chose the technique they wanted to used in their artworks.



“To protect ourselves we must protect nature” Student Artwork


“Don’t forget to protect the animals, they also suffer” Student Artwork


“We move as part of the universe” Student Artwork


“Nature sees us” Student Artwork



“We are part of Nature” Student Artwork



As part of the closure activity, students sent postcards with individual messages to the United Nations.