“Not my King (toolkit)” from The Gendered Planet Artistic Research Project at the Art Alumni Show 2019 Curated by Martha Wilson

“Since the pharaohs of Egypt, sex and politics have had a long association. Today, we remain fascinated by both—so I thought to select works that are explicitly sexual and/or political in their content. These works may reveal innermost secrets or may take the wide world as their scope.  Does making art change the world? Perhaps not, but if we don’t do anything, we will explode.” Martha Wilson

Statement of Project

The Gendered Planet is an artistic research project, which analyses and deconstructs the commodification of women’s bodies in Western neoliberal visual culture in which oppressive identities of women have been historically engineered. The project includes a toolkit ​Not my King which consists of playing cards as games inviting and guiding the audience to play while encouraging diverse conversations on the intersections between capitalism, patriarchy and possible effects on Anthropocene ecologies.

The instructions (included as additional printed as cards) consist of guiding the players to articulate different games such as Rummy, where they can meld and discharge cards while reading the card’s content and getting rid of the King. Another option is to try making a house of cards that resembles a power pyramid. Also, it is possible to set the cards in a timeline that can also be read as a gender-violence archive.

Using contemporary art strategies of disruption within a ludic space, the aim is to raise awareness of the aforementioned themes, with this toolkit seeking to articulate and inspire ongoing discussions in varying pedagogical contexts. This is not just a gallery-based project but also a public spatial intervention, particularly as advertising writes the script for so-much of the look of public space and how we behave in it.

Printed playing cards tarot size displayed on a table.​ 2​018-2019.